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Personal Testimonials   

 “I have used the Citrus Splash Cleanser for Combination Skin for several years and love the way my face feels afterwards. I am especially excited about it being a natural product because I am focused on keeping toxins out of my body and only using what is healthy for me. I believe it is very reasonably priced. It probably lasts me about three weeks.

Debbie Gronner, Georgia

     "I have been using the Organic Citrus Splash Cleanser for combination skin for almost two years. My face looks and feels wonderful. Even my husband has commented on the glow that my skin now has, as well as, the pleasant fragrance of the cleanser. I have combination skin and other products seem to either dry my skin out or lead to more breakouts...this unique cleanser has none of those harsh chemicals and the combination cleanser has the perfect balance to prevent those unflattering breakouts. Kudos to Jennifer Catlett!"

Michele Croskey, Maryland

     "Natural skin cleansers are effective and now affordable. Forget about the toxic ingredients in other products as they are rapidly absorbed into our blood stream. Serenity J Skincare is a 100% organic facial cleanser that is pure and effective. Jennifer has done all the work for me so that I can make informed decisions on the products I choose. I have used this cleanser twice a day; for 6 months now and I just love the way it makes my face feel and look. The subtle natural fragrance is so refreshing. I am patiently waiting for Jennifer to create a toner and moisturizer."

Alisa Weronick, Georgia   

 "Thank you Jennifer for creating a wonderful natural skin cleanser!"

 Jackie Parrish, Florida

 "Great product from a great lady!" Lisa Manuel,  Georgia

"LOVE YOUR PRODUCTS!! :)"Daphne Watts, Florida


"Great products!" Kelly Durbin, Ohio


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